Sentada en el andén

mi cuerpo tiembla y puedo ver

que a los lejos silba el viejo tren

como sombra del ayer.

No será fácil ser

de nuevo un solo corazón

siempre había sido una mitad

sin saber mi identidad.

No llevaré ninguna imagen de aquí

me iré desnuda, igual que nací;

debo empezar a ser yo misma y saber

que soy capaz y que ando por mi pie.


soy fuerte porque soy volcán:

nunca me enseñaron a volar

pero el vuelo debo alzar.

Aprende a soltar

Deja ir todo aquello que creías que debía ser

 y permítele a la Vida que cumpla Su Tarea,

que es la de abrirse camino hacia tu Conciencia y expandirla…


Mujer Árbol

The process

We are Spiritual Beings

We are going through a deep alchemical process at this time that is calling forth the Fallen Archetype that was programmed into the human psyche. This fallen archetype was a set of directions that took us as far away from cosmic consciousness as possible without our even having a clue that this had taken place. Our memory of the original divine blueprint was all but destroyed.

As a result of this fall away from cosmic unity consciousness, we began to use our creative powers of mind and heart and sexuality to support an inorganic system that promotes a very materialistic and egoic paradigm that is obsessed and overly identified with the body, control and possession of other bodies and minds, and a strong need of approval from the very system that has robbed us of our real power.

Every human body and soul is an organic supercomputer that has the ability to connect into the cosmic memory, the akashic realm of Universal Subconsciousness, to draw from the collective Wisdom of the divine female principle. This requires that we are able to focus our thoughts and feelings through our male force and use the brain as a remote control to direct the forces of Nature through our Feminine Heart.

Those beings who are here to perform the great alchemical work with our planetary goddess, Gaia Sophia, are in the process of removing the fallen archetype imprints that were installed by those opportunist forces that feed off human fear and confusion, misused sexual energy and the dark death rituals of war and killing of innocent victims.

We are preparing to program our individual organic supercomputers with the original set of instructions from our higher self which is directly connected to Source and the Higher Cosmic Laws that govern all of Creation. The alchemical process requires that we call forth all that we explored in our fallen state, SEE it, forgive it and reclaim those parts of our soul to hold the space of our dark foundation, where they can serve in the proper intended way, our ascension into fully awakened consciousness.

This can be a painful and drawn out process, especially when our souls are aware of themselves as a spiritual beings. We have to eat our own dark so to speak as we face it. This is not a process to be feared or rejected, but a process to be faced with courage and vigilance, patience and love, while holding all of our wisdom in our hearts and forgiving the past, knowing that it was the force to awaken us to our full Glory of Being. There is a huge celebration on the way!


Shannon Port

Art by Julia Popova

It’s time to build anew

Time to build anew

We cannot put new wine into old bottles.

The new wine is the energy of the mystical renaissance sweeping across the planet,

a psychic upheaval more profound than any political or social revolution.

Efforts to strike deals with old paradigms will meet with resistance from new forces as well as old,

for they will be experienced as insincere.

It is too late to run back into the burning house and try to save it.

It is time to build anew.


Marianne Williamson

The great bell chant


May the sound of this bell penetrate deep into the Cosmos

even in the darkest spots, living beings are able to hear it clearly

so that all suffering in them cease,

understanding comes to their heart

and they transcend the path of sorrow and death.


The universal dharma door is already open

The sound of the rising tide is heard clearly

The miracle happens: a beautiful child

appears in the heart of a lotus flower

One simple drop of this compassionate water

is enough to bring back the refreshing spring

to our mountains and rivers.



Listening to the bell

I feel the afflictions in me begin to dissolve

My mind calm, my body relaxed,

a smile is born on my lips.

Following the sound of the bell my breath brings me back

to the safe island of mindfulness

In the gardens of my heart

the flowers of peace bloom beautifully.

In Paradisum (Requiem)

Va por ti, Carmen. Que la Luz te guíe dondequiera que estés… Descansa en paz.

In paradisum deducant te Angeli; in tuo adventu suscipiant te martyres,et perducant te in civitatem sanctam Ierusalem. Chorus angelorum te suscipiat, et cum Lazaro quondam paupere æternam habeas requiem.

May angels lead you into paradise; upon your arrival, may the martyrs receive you and lead you to the holy city of Jerusalem. May the ranks of angels receive you, and with Lazarus, once the poor man, may you have eternal rest.

Atardeceres (Sunsets)